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Sermon Archive
All Church On-Site services are postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. Services will be conducted via teleconference. To join us for worship services text your name and phone number to 908 581-8341. The service will call Sunday at 10:15 am.  
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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Hits
Time to Suit Up Ephesians 6:10-18 Pastor Bob DiSalvio 18 June 2017 General Topics 1157
Belshazzar, the fall of an empire Pastor Bob DiSalvio 02 August 2015 2015 Summer Series : Of Kings and Queens 1119
A life without God Pastor Bob DiSalvio 19 July 2015 General Topics 976
We would have a King 1 Samuel 8 Pastor Bob DiSalvio 05 July 2015 2015 Summer Series : Of Kings and Queens 1019
Christian Struggle Pastor Bob DiSalvio 03 August 2014 Summer Series 1013
Buddhism Pastor Bob DiSalvio 27 July 2014 Summer Series 1055
Your attitude can make a difference Pastor Bob DiSalvio 29 June 2014 Summer Series 965
The Blessing Pastor Bob DiSalvio 01 June 2014 General Topics 979
Equipped to serve Pastor Bob DiSalvio 25 May 2014 General Topics 1035
Standing in the need of prayer Pastor Bob DiSalvio 30 March 2014 General Topics 928
Sit down, Shut up Pastor Bob DiSalvio 09 March 2014 General Topics 992
Voices in the Wilderness Pastor Bob DiSalvio 05 January 2014 General Topics 981

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