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Our History
All Church On-Site services are postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. Services will be conducted via teleconference. To join us for worship services text your name and phone number to 908 581-8341. The service will call Sunday at 10:15 am.  
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In the year 1715-16 Johann Naas and Jacob Preiss traveled together, preaching and proclaiming the gospel of our Lord through the country of Creyfelt, to Marienborn and Epstein, at the time when the King of Prussia's recruiting officers were canvassing the country to recruit his forces. They compelled every one they met of a goodly appearance to enlist in the ranks of the soldiers and more particularly did they aim at those of a tall stature, for to be his body, or lifeguard, which was composed of such. Therefore they left none of that class slip.

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